We do not accept insurance. In some cases, you are able to file a claim yourself. As a guideline, most insurances reimburse lower for behavioral health conditions than medical ones. We can help you get medication covered if your insurance approves it, but we cannot guarantee they will provide coverage for medication.
We perform initial and random drug screens in the office. You should always be able to leave a urine sample at the time of your visit.
If there is any question about your drug screen results, we can send the sample to an independent laboratory for confirmation testing, which will show conclusively which substances are present.
Relapse, or return to use, is a risk of any substance use disorder. If you are honest about your situation, often times we can work on strategies to improve future outcomes.
Dr Hamauei welcomes the opportunity to work with other physicians who are treating you to achieve the best possible outcome in the case of an injury.
If you have additional questions, please contact the office by calling 318.218.1299.